Regalo Baby Gate- Child Proof But Adult Friendly

Once your little ones have started crawling, strategically placing gate can make your life a little easier. This will keep your child a lot safer, by protecting him from potential dangers, such as stairs. You can also place these gates to keep your pet and child separated. Child safety gates are designed for children between 6 months and 2 years of age. Once your baby learns how to open the gate or can climb over it, you should not rely upon the safety device.

Regalo Baby Gate 300x199 Regalo Baby Gate  Child Proof But Adult FriendlyHere comes, Regalo Baby Gates, providing utmost protection with most reliable safety gates. If your baby has started to toddle or climb, these gates are essential for their safety. The gates are ideal to place in hall openings and doorways. The gate allows adult to walk through easily, but ensures a secure blockade to keep your little ones out of desired areas.

Regalo offers a great collection of safety gates, each with customizable features and elegant designs. Some of the models are as follows:

Regalo-Extra Tall Wide span Walk Through Baby Gates
Regalo- Easy Open Wide Gate
Regalo- Easy Open Extra Wide Metal Walk Through Safety Gates

Types of Gates:

There are two basic types of gates.

Hardware Mounted Gates:

These gates are secured to framing inside the walls of your house.  They are ideal to fix, where there is danger of your child falling, like top of stairways etc.

Pressure Mounted Gates:

These gates simply press on opposing walls. They are mostly used where falling is not a hazard, like between two rooms. These gates help to discourage your baby from climbing upstairs.

Sturdy Steel Construction:

Regalo gates are purely constructed from steel, offering greater durability and strength. It provides utmost security that you can trust on for those moments, when you can’t protect your baby. It installs quickly with stable and secure fit.

All the gates are PVC free and have been approved by Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). The quality meets all the requirements and safety standards set by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Expandable for custom fit:

These gates are designed to fit easily, in doorways, hall openings and staircases. Each gate comes with unique length to meet all the requirements of customers.

Convenient Pass through Design:

The design of each model is expedient that allows adults to walk through with ease. These gates can be easily lifted with the help of lever style handle. It also features a safety lock with one touch release. It is easy for adults to unlock the gate, but impossible for your toddlers.

Lightweight and Portable:

The gates are easy to install, lightweight and can be carried anywhere. The portable frame stows flat, so that you can take these safety devices on your next trip.

Regalo Baby Gate is an essential tool for childproofing your home. The brand offers robust, easy to handle and elegant looking gates to facilitate your babies with utter protection. So lead a stress free life and let your child play without any fear.

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